Kelly R., Houston

"Hi! Thanks again for taking the time to respond with so much detail. I am thrilled!

"Your website look fantastic! I'll share that with my friends. I still can't get over how gorgeous you made our home. I'm sad it's over....

My favorite thing about Teri is that she makes my own pieces new again, just by putting them in their rightful spot. And shopping with her is a breeze. She does NOT waste time. She'd know as soon as she'd walk inside a store whether it was worth spending any time in. And, she can walk around an antique store & find treasures, things that I would have just passed over. She taught me how to really decorate for the holidays - I had no idea how much more I could enjoy Christmas in my own winter wonderland."

Chick P., Coldspring

"I want to write & let all of you know of the incredible talent Teri is. I am an architect & I feel very educated, skilled & knowledgeable in the world of design & art.

Teri spent one afternoon at my lakeside home & turned what I thought to be a wonderful architectural design in room flow & accents, into a masterpiece, which I could not imagine. I was simply blown away for lack of a better term of her skills & talents. She walked into the two guest bedrooms & transformed them into an ergonomic classy work of architecture. Not bringing one new item into the house, but simply rearranging the architecture, furniture & artwork that already existed. She is not only awesome, but amazing with her skill & keen eye for balance, color, texture & arrangement. I would recommend her hands down to anyone of my clients to reconsider the space within their living space.  Teri rocks!"

Kurt N., Conroe

"I am a single dad in my 50's. Luckily the previous owners of my home painted & re-carpeted everything before I moved in. Still, you can probably guess how stylish my house was.

Teri asked me about my objectives & budget. I told her my priorities & she laid out a plan to address what we could do now. Her plan included what else I could do later as more money became available.

I trusted her 100% in her paint & other choices, which turned out to be a great decision. The wall colors, furniture, paintings, fixtures, etc. she picked are bold & beautiful! I love the compliments I regularly get.

I am praying for a big annual bonus so that I can have her continue the transformation!

Have Teri put you in touch with me if you'd like to hear about my wonderful experience."

More testimonials.....

Heather M., Houston, TX

I LOVE my home. It's absolutely stunning. It's breathtaking. I love it when the world's best decorator's plan comes together.

Amy A., Friendswood, TX

She transformed my patio from something I only looked at through the window to somewhere I spend most evenings. She was so helpful and listened to what I wanted and ran with it. The outcome was above my expectation. Thanks Teri for making the process a delight!!

Ed A., Coldspring, TX

Teri totally transformed my home inside & out. Completely updating & decorating my home with her brilliant ideas and taste. She allowed me options so my tastes remained while integrating new and refreshing ideas into the completed living unit with elegance and relaxed feel combined. Her work and her talent are brilliant. She is brilliant in her craft.

Sally B., Woodlands, TX

The design and layout of the new additions are wonderful and filled with great ideas. Love that you’re on top of all the construction and keeping the contractors on target and on schedule. I appreciate your attention to detail and that with any glitch that arises, you always ready with a solution or a viable alternative option.

Luke S., Coldspring, TX

I’ve worked with Teri on numerous projects ranging from landscaping, house decorating and to a total remodel.  Teri’s creativity, expertise and overall energy was an inspiration.  Teri is always my first choice when taking on new projects.

Laura B., Porter, TX

It was great! You have an eye for just right the style and personality of the person you’re working with.  My living room is a difficult area with lots of windows and you found a way to open up the room and make it beautiful and functional as well.

More delighted clients.....

Heather M., Porter, TX

I’m your biggest fan.  What you have accomplished in my home is breathtaking.  And you can use that on your website.

Dolly T., Houston, TX

My home is so beautiful.  Thank you. You’re a joy to work with.

Vanessa D., Hawaii

Teri staged our Pearland home to sell before our military family relocated from Texas to our next duty station......and didn’t charge a penny....just helping out a military family.  She has a gifted eye to see how to best use a space and the tenacity to get the job done in lightning speed.  

Shelby K., Houston, TX

Wow.  Our house looks amazing.  You’re a rockstar!

Russ C., San Antonio, TX

Teri was instrumental in not only helping organize my move to a new home, but did an incredible job of helping me place my furniture, accessories & artwork.  She also organized and set up my kitchen, and selected/put up new window treatments.  My new front & back yards were a total disaster, but Teri developed a landscape plan for them also.  Teri then met with and worked with landscapers to complete the landscaping of the yards all within my  budget.  Hats off to Teri for her professionalism and dedication to her clients.

Chris G., Cypress, TX

I was hoping to spruce up my home interior & was referred to Teri. After only fifteen minutes looking around, she made some recommendations and we were on our way!! Simple things like moving furniture around and paint schemes, changed the focal point of my main room to the back yard which is the reason I bought my house!!!  Teri is  amazing.